• River North Workshop (map)
  • 3040 Blake Street #131
  • Denver, CO, 80205
  • United States

Knotty and Nice

Friday, March 3rd from 7 to 9pm

Did you know that every knot serves a different purpose? Knowing the right knot to use may make all of the difference in a tricky situation both in the wilderness and around the home. By the end of the workshop you will be able to tie the:

-Double half-hitch
-Square knot
-Trucker's hitch
-Clove hitch
-Tautline hitch
-Sheet bend and
-Monkey' paw

Generations of boy scouts can't be wrong!

Feel free to bring your own wine or beer selection to compliment the knot tying festivities. Who knows, maybe a little nip will improve your learning curve!

Friday, March 3rd
7:00pm to 9:00pm

River North Workshop
3040 Blake St #131
Denver, CO 80205

Tickets are $25

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