Camping, Backpacking, and Survival

Single Day Adventures

The Zen of Fire


Learn to make fire by rubbing sticks together! This workshop covers the psychology of fire making as well as basic fire-making skills using a variety of resources ranging from dryer lint to wooden sticks. Curriculum will include a meditation and discussion surrounding the nature of fire, how to start a one match fire, modern fire-starting survival techniques, and an analysis of primitive fire-starting methods.

Duration: Five to seven hours
Location: Colorado Front Range region
Prerequisites: None

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Modern survival in changing times. This two part workshop will teach you to be more prepared for any emergency up to and including the zombie apocalypse! This workshop covers the psychology of survival and modern survival techniques and equipment. We begin this workshop by exploring the principles of survival in a classroom setting. Then we put these skills to the test with an additional three hours of practicum experience in the back country. Turn your wristwatch into a compass. Practice emergency signaling and create your own “possibilities kit” that will give you a leg up in any emergency situation.

Duration: Two hours of lecture, three hours practicum
Location: Denver, CO
Prerequisites: None

Seeking Shelter

Make a house out of the tree branches you find on a backcountry hike. This workshop will focus on building shelters as a means to understanding the basic psychology of survival. Students will analyze the terrain, choose a location, gather natural resources, and build a primitive shelter. The course will look at how to maximize one’s chances of staying warm and alive through a night spent in the wild.

Duration: Seven to eight hours
Location: Colorado Front Range
Prerequisites: Moderate fitness level. This workshop will involve a lot of carrying and collecting of resources.

Finding Yourself


Learn to use a compass and read a map. This workshop covers basic topographical map and compass orientation skills. We begin in a classroom setting where we will learn the basics of map topography, compass anatomy, bearings, triangulation, and survival psychology basics. Then we head to the field in the Colorado Front Range to test our skills and apply them to real life.

Duration: Seven to eight hours
Location: Denver and Colorado Front Range
Prerequisites: None

GPS Navigation

Learn the basics of GPS navigation. We will explore how to input a coordinate, use waypoints to set a route, how to go from a GPS coordinate to a physical map, and how to geo-cache. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone about that last part. It is a secret.

Duration: Four hours
Location: Denver
Prerequisites: None

Spirit Hiking

Connect with nature’s healing energy. Spirit hiking is a unique hiking experience involving walking meditation, guided meditation, and yoga in a natural setting. Along the way, students will learn about the natural world including a “one match fire” and survival basics.

Duration: Two to eight hours
Location: Colorado Front Range
Prerequisites: Fitness to hike over five miles

Full Moon Spirit Hiking

Flashlights not required! See Mother Nature in a whole new light. We will hike, meditate, and practice gratitude under the soft glow of the full moon. Magical.

Duration: Two hours
Location: Colorado Front Range
Prerequisites: None



An incredible combination of two wonderful experiences: Yoga + Nature This adventure begins with a 30 minute hike in the Colorado Front Range, followed by a 60 minute yoga class and the return hike out. Along the way you may learn tips and tricks about shelter building, survival, wilderness skills, and Leave No Trace.

Duration: Two hours
Location: Colorado Front Range
Prerequisites: None

Multi Day Adventures

Spirit Quest Backpacking


Immerse yourself in the challenge and victory of a three to five day backpacking adventure through some of Colorado’s most beautiful forests and mountains. Participants will learn basics of backpacking including how to pack, how to stay warm, backcountry cuisine, Leave No Trace, and map and star orientation. We will greet each day with a series of yoga and mindfulness exercises to ready our bodies and minds for the challenges ahead. Throughout the day, while hiking, we might explore such topics as fire making, psychology of survival, team building and leadership. At night we will create great backcountry cuisine while learning from each other through debate and storytelling. This trip is appropriate for the beginner through the advanced backpacker and can be tailored to suit a variety of groups and sizes.

Duration: Three to five days
Location: Rocky Mountains
Prerequisites: No previous camping or backpacking experience required. Adequate fitness to hike and carry a pack required.

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