Our mission is to create an experience of lasting transformation through mindful participation in outdoor adventure activities.

The purpose of Fire Heart Adventures is to fuse mindfulness practices and adventure education. Nature is already an efficient teacher, but we can make her lessons more lasting in our lives by developing mindfulness around wilderness sports. We can increase our ability to learn in the backcountry through the integration of mindfulness practices, leadership skills, and wilderness adventure. The best part is we can have fun while doing it.

Fire Heart Adventures consists of a variety of mindfulness oriented backcountry courses and activities. We hike, backpack, rock climb, kayak, raft, team build, learn primitive survival skills, and embark on international adventures. In fact, we can incorporate our mindfulness based leadership curriculum into any wilderness activity. We want people to explore the wilderness for the first time or to learn more from the wilderness pursuits that they already enjoy. In either case, with Fire Heart Adventures you will find excitement and adventure.

Fire Heart Adventures activities are designed to cultivate the following foundations:


Our students will learn awareness of their thoughts, emotions, and surroundings. With heightened self-awareness, we learn to separate the stress created by our minds with the realities of our current situation. This leads to increased calmness. With increased awareness of our environment we learn to be more efficient with our actions and energy. While practicing mindfulness, we internalize what we learn and the knowledge is longer lasting.


Our mindfulness training and curriculum focuses on creating connections in three areas: connection to self, connection to others, and connection to nature. Our courses help people to connect to themselves by facing their limits and fears during the challenges inherent in wilderness pursuits. Fire Heart Adventures connects people to each other by forming bonds through shared experiences. These experiences teach people better communication skills and how to work as a group. We connect people with nature simply by spending time walking in her forests and floating on her rivers.


We want our adventurers to excel at adaptation in any situation. This may call for participants to take any role within a group dynamic and be accountable for their own self-guidance. Leaders are the agents of change in our culture.


The greatest lessons in life are usually the result of some form of failure or setback. We want our adventurers to be able to handle failure in a healthy manner while quickly being able to assimilate academic or life lessons. Students at Fire Heart Adventures will learn to find success within failure.


Our participants are guardians of themselves, their community, and their environment. We all hope for a bright tomorrow, so we must take care with how we treat ourselves and our natural world today.


There is a scientifically backed link between gratitude and happiness. During Fire Heart Adventures courses, our participants will explore the nature of gratitude and where we find it in our lives. As we practice gratitude, we increase our potential to be happy.

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