Winter Emergency Survival 

Could you survive the night outdoors in a storm? How about in your car? Come learn the basics of winter survival including how to prepare, using snow to stay warm, and the principles of winter survival. You will learn what makes a good “emergency kit” and what supplies to keep in your car. You may be surprised to find that you already own them.

Duration: Three hours
Location: Denver
Prerequisites: None

Multi Day Adventures

Building Snow Shelters and Winter Survival

Snowshoe into the forest and make a house out of snow. And sleep in it. In this workshop we will explore a variety of snow shelters including a snow mound, dog house, quince, and thermal shelter. We will discuss strategies on how to stay warm and dry and even spend time practicing yoga and meditating in the snow. This is information that every mountain traveler should have. Not to mention, building snow forts is fun! Winter shelter building can also be a great team building exercise. This experience is a huge test of perseverance and resilience. Simple backcountry cuisine is included.

Duration: One and a half days.
Location: Rocky Mountains
Prerequisites: Warm winter clothes and gear. Some gear can be rented. Moderate fitness level as this workshop is physically intense.

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