Fire Heart Yoga

Fire Heart Yoga combines the fire’s ability to energize and transform with the compassion and passion of the heart. Yoga, and asana, is a bridge to stillness and acceptance, through which comes calm, awareness, and self-control. Fire Heart Yoga is one of many philosophies to incorporate on one’s path towards self-actualization. Fire Heart Yoga is a strenuous practice of flowing vinyasa and harmonized breath. The heat of the practice helps with strength, energy, and acceptance. The flow of the practice allows for our over engaged minds to find focus and slowly relax into stillness. We use movement to find stillness.

David Michael Scott’s vinyasa yoga classes are very athletic, as mental and physical fatigue helps still the mind. That being said, every class is a combination of focused intention and fun.

In David’s class you will laugh, meet your neighbors, and perhaps even… hold hands (briefly!). David tends to incorporate powerful music to support the energy in class. Any particular class of David’s might feature hip hop, rock, dub step, or sitar. Come with an open mind and a sense of adventure and we will breathe, flow, and grow together.

The principles of Fire Heart Yoga:

1. The Sweat and the Rigor.

Everything worth having is paid for through effort, discipline, and some degree of pain.

2. The greatest achievements in yoga are found through a self-led practice.

Every class Fire Heart Yoga class is partially guided and partially self-lead. It is life changing to take control of one’s practice and one’s life.

3. There is no magic in the shape of a pose.

The magic is in what you feel in the pose. Don’t use your body to get into a pose, use the pose to get into your body.

4. Yoga is a journey of self-exploration.

Your intuition is a more wise then any yoga teacher. You have the freedom to express yourself with any posture variations or modifications that feel right at the time. You have this freedom in life as well.

5. Every class should be a combination of focused intention and fun.

Life isn’t worth living unless you have some fun!

Private classes in yoga and meditation are available for 70 dollars per hour. Ask about our package deals!

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