WOW! Where to start, I attended a White Water Rafting trip down the San Juan and had an incredible time. The guides were exceptional, the food was delicious and plentiful. The San Juan is a great river considering I am a novice boater. All of the indian ruins and education about the origins of the people who once lived there was so well done. I am planning on making this a yearly trip as the recharge that I received from being out in nature and on the water was so good for my life back home. Thank you and 2 thumbs up!


Amazing experiences. I have gone to about 6 of the full moon spirit hikes and plan to keep going because I enjoy it so much every time. David is well organized and full of knowledge. The hikes include wilderness survival tips and a campfire.


Thank you David for the amazing Breathwork class! You inspired me to take a chance and go on a Rafting Trip as something for me. I have never gone on a solo trip before. It was the most nourishing, fun, and expansive personal growth trip! Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about myself and what I am capable of! I plan to go on more trips with you in the future!


I took part in the Zen of Fire (primitive fire starting) group adventure. First off, it was a great experience. I learned three ways to start a fire and walked away with the confidence that if I ever needed to, I could build a fire with only a knife and fuel gathered from the wilderness around me. David led the group. He was fantastic. Knowledgable, calm, patient and totally engaging. I'm already looking at other adventures David has scheduled.


Reflecting upon 2015 as it is rapidly passing us by, I realized that my May Yoga Rafting Trip was the most significant accomplishment of the year. If it were not the Yoga/Meditation part that lured me, I would not have gotten out of my comfort zone as I had been struggling with an irrational fear for decades. Such breakthrough of the bondage is SPIRIT LIFTING, to say the least. It was a very difficult and rather painful of 5-day living in the wilderness in the heat and absence of the comforts of modern living, but it was exactly that experience that had strengthened our minds and body! I was a spoiled city girl from the Hong Kong Concrete Jungle but now have been awakened to the transformation - back to the healing nature! Wonderful! I would compared such growth with the birthing experience, as times go by, the pain is distant but the amazing wonders stays forever! It was a very rewarding and adventurous journey. My belated heart-felt gratitude to the team, David M Scott, and our Kindness "Highest Purpose" instructor, Patrick Harrington! Happy New Year 2016 **


I signed up for the rafting trip on the San Juan primarily to share an adventure with my adult daughter, Kimberly. It exceeded my expectations in every respect. She and I did enjoy a great escape from our normal routines. We also deepened our understanding of an ancient community and simultaneously forged friendships within a contemporary one of fellow adventurers. It was a great experience. Highly recommended!


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