• Fraser, CO

Winter Camping and Winter Survival

Do you miss adventuring in the outdoors during the long winter months? We have the answer you are looking for! Join us for a weekend intensive that not only allows you to experience winter camping but also teaches you the skills to survive a night in the snow. This weekend workshop is a combination of classroom style learning and hand’s on practicum. We will learn the knowledge necessary for winter camping. including: proper layering and gear, symptoms and treatment of hypothermia, psychology of survival, tips and tricks to staying warm, and building a winter camp. We will then put those skills into practice by building three different snow shelters, the Quinzee, the Snow Trench and the Thermal Shelter.

This workshop is fully customizable to your level of experience and desired intensity. We have a heated sleeping hut for you to sleep in, or you will have an opportunity to sleep in one of the snow shelters we create. Don't miss out on your chance to enjoy a winter campfire, play games, and make some new friends.

Snacks are included but you are responsible for your own meals. An outdoor kitchen with utensils will be provided. Also, our base camp is a five minute drive from a supermarket and restaurants in Fresno, CO. An equipment list will be sent to you upon registration.

This is a family friendly event, but please no dogs.

12:00pm, Friday, February 24th to 5:00pm Sunday, February 26th

Fraser, CO


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