• Telluride, CO

Telluride Fire Festival

From Thursday, January 14th to Sunday, January 17th

Dynamic fire art performances each evening on the public plazas in Mountain Village and during the day, fire spinner workshops - FREE to all. Additional ticketed live entertainment in venues around town. Witness larger than life works of fire art, fire-enhanced art cars, fire dancers, and other one-of-a-kind fire art during this second annual Telluride Fire Festival. 

Fire Heart Adventures will host three workshops during this festival: 

Zen of Fire: Art of Bow Drill
Saturday, January 16th from 10am to 12pm

Primitive fire is an act of meditation, perseverance, and gratitude. In this workshop you will learn one of the more technically advanced forms of ancient fire building: The Bow Drill. The Bow Drill consists of a bow, spindle, fireboard, palm rock, and some string. This is stage one. Stage two is blowing your coal into a flame using a “bird’s nest”. These items combined with the proper technique will result in fire every time (almost)!

Zen of Fire: Survival and the One Match Fire
Saturday, January 16th from 2pm to 4pm

Primitive fire starting is cool, but most people don’t understand the basics of fire-starting even when they possess the modern tools to light it. This workshop covers the fundamentals of fireology using modern tinders and fire starting methods. You may be surprised to discover that a number of the items you need are among your household items.

Zen of Fire: Build a Pump Drill
Sunday, January 17th from 10am to 12pm

The Pump Drill was originally invented by the Iroquois tribe and is the most advanced tool for starting a primitive fire. Similar to a hand drill, the device consists of different pieces and types of wood and string but is more effective because the design enables you to create constant friction. In this clinic, you will learn the principles of a building pump drill and you will craft your own to take home so you can practice your primitive fire starting skills and impress your friends. There will be some inside and outside class time.

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