• Barbour Fork Trail (map)
  • 2930 Soda Creek Road
  • Idaho Springs, CO, 80452
  • United States

June Starlight Navigation Hike

June 3rd from 8:30pm to 11:00pm

The North Star has been mankind's natural compass for thousands of years. Enjoy a rigorous night hike while learning how to identify directional markers using the night sky.

On this three hour hike you will learn:

-To find the North Star (Polaris) 
-To identify six different constellations
-To locate three different known stars
-Tricks and tips of the night sky

Wilderness skills including:  
-Leave No Trace Principles
-Wildlife safety
-Five W's of camp selection
-Emergency prevention and survival

During the Starlight Navigation Hike, you will try something new, face the challenge of the night, and laugh with new friends.

Hiking distance: 3 miles
Difficulty: Intermediate  
Cost: Suggested donation of $20 dollars
Location: Idaho Springs

Suggested Equipment List:

Hiking boots or shoes and wool socks  
Warm pants
Beanie and gloves  
Rain layers  
Two liters of water  
Snacks Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries
Small knife Camera

Call or email David with any questions

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