I remember the first night camping under the stars. I remember the sound of the river and the feel of the sandy beach. What stands out the most, however, was the night sky! Wow, what a spectacle those stars were. If you are like me, living in a city, and spending your life sleeping indoors, then you might not have the chance to see stars and sky like this. Sleeping out in nature always gives me a bigger perspective on how small my problems, stressers, and challenges are.

When I slept out that first night and saw the immensity of the sky, a few shooting stars, and felt the sheer aliveness of the river beside me, I underwent a profound transformation. A single nights sleep on that beach shifted my whole being. Since then I have looked into why this annual river and yoga trip has become so important to me.

Here is a short video that shows some of the benefits of simply getting out of the city and into nature! Our physical connection to the earth acts as a catalyst so our daily yoga and meditation sessions become incredibly potent for bringing out our best selves. Join us this June for a wonderful reset for mind, body and spirit.

With love,
Patrick Harrington


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