Fireheart Adventures has a once in a lifetime scenic river rafting adventure where you will view wildlife, Anasazi ruins, secluded canyons and beautiful sky's.


We will spend four days rafting the Upper San Juan River while taking daily opportunities to hike the canyons and explore the remnants of the Anasazi Empire.

"I remember the first night camping under the stars. I remember the sound of the river and the feel of the sandy beach. What stands out the most, however, was the night sky! Wow, what a spectacle those stars were. If you are like me, living in a city, and spending your life sleeping indoors, then you might not have the chance to see stars and sky like this. Sleeping out in nature always gives me a bigger perspective on how small my problems, stressers, and challenges are.

When I slept out that first night and saw the immensity of the sky, a few shooting stars, and felt the sheer aliveness of the river beside me, I underwent a profound transformation. A single night's sleep on that beach shifted my whole being. Since then I have looked into why this annual river and yoga trip has become so important to me." - Patrick Harrington owner Kindness Yoga

"If it were not the Yoga/Meditation part that lured me, I would not have gotten out of my comfort zone as I had been struggling with an irrational fear for decades. Such breakthrough of the bondage is SPIRIT LIFTING, to say the least. It was a very difficult and rather painful of 5-day living in the wilderness in the heat and absence of the comforts of modern living, but it was exactly that experience that had strengthened our minds and body! I was a spoiled city girl from the Hong Kong Concrete Jungle but now have been awakened to the transformation - back to the healing nature! Wonderful! I would compared such growth with the birthing experience, as times go by, the pain is distant but the amazing wonders stays forever! It was a very rewarding and adventurous journey. My belated heart-felt gratitude to the team, David M Scott, and our Kindness "Highest Purpose" instructor, Patrick Harrington! Happy New Year 2016" -Karina

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