Using wilderness to nourish the soul

There is a movement underway towards reconnecting with nature. The activities we enjoy in the outdoors are fun, exciting, and provide a sense of personal nourishment. Our bodies grow stronger when we pursue activities such as hiking, rafting, and camping, while at the same time, our mental capacities develop. The physical and mental stresses of wilderness activities are challenging and often confrontational. Overcoming these challenges helps develop self-confidence, perseverance, and resilience.

The backcountry is the quintessential environment for experiential education. Problem solving and reasoning skills are learned by overcoming challenges such as how to start a fire or read a map. The pace of life in the wild is much slower. Even though the days are filled with activity, there is less to worry about than in the city and we have the freedom to focus on the task at hand and ground ourselves in the present moment.

Wilderness soothes the soul. Experience the peace created by sitting around a campfire or looking out over a pristine mountain lake. These moments ground us and teach us perspective. So take a hike, raft a river, and sleep under the stars. Surround yourself with the healing power of nature. You will find us out there with you.

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