• Crazy Dog Ranch (map)
  • 2075 County Rd
  • Parshall, CO, 80468
  • United States

Wilderness Survival Weekend - How To Stay Alive In The Woods 101

Saturday, November 11th at 9:30am to Sunday, November 12th at 5:30pm

Get ready to learn and put your survival skills to the test with Fire Heart Adventures on this two day survival course. This course takes place on a beautiful parcel outside of Winter Park. The amenities of the property include fresh water access, a fire pit, an outdoor cook stove, composting toilet, tent camping, and a yurt. Overnight participants may sleep in their personal tent or sleep in the public area of the yurt.

The first part of the course will address a modern survival situation where we will learn and practice various techniques to keep you alive while awaiting rescue. This part of the course will include psychology of survival and, building the perfect survival kit, and modern firestarters. Later in the day we will look at finding a safe camp spot, how to build a shelter with the supplies at hand, and how to sustain yourself in the wilderness.  We will cover what you need to do to stay warm and how to find drinkable water and sources of food.  Once we have established these basic needs, we will go into how to create different signals to help your rescuers find you.

One the second day, we explore the practice of primitive skills and long term survival. These skills include primitive fire building techniques, recognizing and utilizing the flora around you for sustenance, making rope, shelter building, and medicinal purposes.* We will also look at how to make rope from plant fibers, glue from tree sap, and trap small game.

By the end of this course you will have an overview of modern and primitive survival basics. You will come away with a larger toolbox of tips and tricks to use in the wilderness. Whether you are on a pleasure camping trip or facing an emergency situation, you will be better prepared and more likely to come through alive and in style.

*Location and seasonally dependent

Fire Heart Adventures will have some snack food available, but participants are responsible for bringing and cooking their own meals. Campfire and stoves will be available for cooking.

One Day Cost: $90
Weekend Day Cost: $165

Detailed Itinerary

Saturday: Modern Survival

9:30am: Meet and Get Situated

Saturday Morning: Challenged to Survive

  • Psychology of Survival
  • Rule of 3’s
  • The Perfect Survival Kit
  • Modern Fire Starting                                   

Saturday Afternoon: Surviving the Night

  • Camp Selection
  • Shelter Building
  • Intelligent Fires
  • The Will to Survive

Saturday Evening: Getting Rescued

  • Passive and Active Signaling
  • Self-Rescue

Sunday: Primitive Skills

Sunday Morning: Primitive Fire Starting

  • Bow Drill
  • Hand Drill
  • Flint and Steel
  • Nesting
  • Char Cloth                                  

Sunday Afternoon: Primitive Necessities

  • Making Rope from Plants
  • Pine Sap Glue
  • Crafting a Stone Knife

Sunday Evening: Primitive Traps

  • Figure Four Deadfall
  • Paiute Deadfall
  • Passive Snares (time dependent)

5:30pm: Wrap-up and Departure

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